Saturday, February 17, 2018

Racing Season Starts

Most of these photos were given to us by Jorge, Captain of Alarife, one of our competitors. One of his friends took the photos, sorry I don't have better photo credits for them.

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alarife images
Racing on Banderas Bay

Wings and Alarife, Before the start

Downwind Start


Quiet Sailing

jldigital media-john pounder
In the Lead

jldigital media-john pounder
About to Round

jldigital media-john pounder
Finishing Fast

wingssail images
Some Crew

wingssail images
More Crew

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
The New Main
This sail has been a year in the works since the previous main failed (under warranty) last March. China Sail Factory agreed to replace it but that agreement however took a couple of months to work out and then the completion of this sail was delayed for a few months, until late November, for other reasons. Finally it was shipped to the wrong country instead of here to us in Mexico and that mess took two more months to sort out. Total, one year. Well now we have it and we're glad. It is designed exactly to my specifications and it is a really nice sail.

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Full Moon in the Marina

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Sunday, December 24, 2017

December Round-up

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Bad Bad Birds

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Birds on the Mast

These are bad, bad birds. They like to land on our mast.

Bird Poo
This is what they leave on our water-caching awning. It is not what you want in your water tank.

Birds on a wire

Before they came to the marina, they come to the wires over the parking lot. Then they fly out to our boat.

We know how to get rid of them. Watch this. (OK, The video is not easy to see, but to get rid of the birds you smack the rig and they fly away.)


They fly away. Do that about three times a day and in a few days they learn not to land on our boat.

Fiji Water

But anyhow, maybe we'll get our water from a bottle.

San Blas Haul-out

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Jimmy and Robin join us on the beach

Jimmy and Robin, from Orcas Island, came to visit and help with the haulout. First we sailed to San Blas but we forgot to take any photos of the great sailing.

Weds Morning, the boat comes out

Boat work

San Blas

House in centro, San Blas

Billy Bob's San Blas Honkeytonk

We head off to explore the fort

Pretty old

Jimmy studies the golden head

Who was this guy?

wingssail image-james roserFred shoots the canon-frolicking girls

They take aim

The old church, from 1773

Old Church


Look at this masonry

Back at the boat, nice paint

Is this keel out of alignment?

Job Done

Monster Spars

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
We built these two spar buoys

These buoys are meant to be race marks, they will be anchored out in the bay.

They don't look like much here but in reality they are quite big. 12.5 feet from top to bottom (not including the flag pole, which is three more feet), they have 61 kilos of concrete in the bottom, and the top is filled with foam.

We call them, "Monster Spars".

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Monday, October 23, 2017


The sail bags get old in a hurry. This zodiac bag (for the dingy) was completely redone about one year ago. The sun takes a lot out of it.
Old Zodiac Bag

Same with the red bag for the number 2 Dacron jib.

Old Red Bag

So we start with a cuppa...

Get our materials...

And get to work.

Get to work

I can do a simple bag in one day. Complicated bags take about two days.
Red Bags Forever

All the bags have bright colors and big code numbers. This makes it easier to quickly locate and hand up the right bag.

2D (#2 Genoa-Dacron)

Sewing Zodiac

Zodiac Bag

This sail (J5-Storm Jib) will never (hopefully) be used, but the bag will last forever when kept in the storage locker.
Number 5 sail bag (Storm Jib)

J-3 Bag

Code J3

There are about 6 more sails in the storage locker, already in good bags, either new or ones I have already sewn or upgraded. Most of the sails themselves are also new or very good condition, and now all of them are in nice bags. They all look good.

Forepeak looks good

When the day's work is done, it's time for a good glass of wine and a tasty home cooked meal.
Dinner Time

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